Coop Embrun inner page banner

Our company image

When the new logo was designed, the colours selected played a significant role in supporting the meaning of the concept as a whole.

The blue is symbol of truth, like crystal clear water that hides nothing. This colour is generally pleasing to all generations. It brings to mind the loyalty of its members and employees.

The yellow, colour of openness and social contact, is often associated with friendship and fraternity as well as knowledge. It brings to mind the importance of the Embrun Co-op for the community.

The shape of the logo is a shield symbolizing strength and co-operation. The top of the shield represents the roof under which it is possible to come together, as does a family, for important events.

In the center of the shield is an image of a cob of corn and/or a stem of barley representing the heart of the Co-op. It also acts as a hyphen for the English version of the word « Co-op » thus representing the bilingualism of our region. Originating from the heart of the word « Co-op », the image also symbolizes the rich history of our organization. The silhouettes represent those most important to the Embrun Co-op: its members, customers, employees and partners while the leaves represent agriculture, an important part of the Embrun Co-op.

In short, our new logo was designed to evoke the strength of cooperation as well as its rich history and the importance of Embrun Co-op for its members, customers, employees and partners.