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There are tons of products on the market promising you healthier soil, heartier crops, and higher yields...

Crops products

Embrun Co-op keeps bulk and bagged stock of those that are best adapted for use in our geographic area and can quickly bring in anything particular a farm business might need to achieve the best results.

Plus, the synergy shared across all Embrun Co-op divisions means that our access to products and services can extend outside of the fields.

We offer granular and liquid fertilizers, seed, and crop protection products.

Birds eye view of the Crops yard with warehouses, the blending plant, and equipment.
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Liquid fertilizer storage at the grain elevators site.

With a capacity of 150 MT per hour, our fertilizer tower is capable of handling the most robust orders. We keep bulk stock of all the most used and versatile ingredients for added convenience and to fill any last-minute orders. Fertilizer is available for pickup or we can deliver directly to you.

We also have 32 spreaders (4MT and 6MT) to lend out with your order of fertilizer.  

Our 600MT bulk storage for liquid fertilizer, as well as our fleet of tankers, tandem tank trunks, and mobile nurse trailers, allow us to supply growers with all their liquid starters and liquid nitrogen needs.

Want a bit of help with the application? We’ve got 1 high-clearance Rogator, 1 floater truck, and 2 sprayers and all the expert staff to do it for you.


Test plot for Dekalb soy showing multiple hybrids.

Offering a full line up of seeds, the Embrun Co-op Crops Division can help you to choose the best fit for your fields. Working with Dekalb, C&M, Brevant, as well as smaller forage and lawn seed suppliers, our crop representatives are in the best position to ensure your highest yield.

crop protection

Custom application rogator sprayer in a field of corn with its boom half extended.

Weeds, disease, and harmful insects all work to rob your crops of nutrients, sunlight, and water. Embrun Co-op Crop Representatives not only scout your crops to keep an eye out for the health of your field, but will also review their findings with you and make recommendations specifically based on the best solutions for your farm business and fields.

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