When it comes to managing your propane needs, no one is more qualified than the propane specialists at Embrun Co-op. Our experience and expertise comes through, with a wide range of comprehensive programs that save you time and money while ensuring your comfort and safety.

Propane heating is a cleaner, more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional petroleum-based fuels. Propane heating is generally more cost efficient than oil heating and is the most popular alternative to natural gas.

For more information about the environmental impact of propane. please visit the Canadian Association of Propane's website.

Propane delivery driver delivering propane to a house.


Furnaces, hot water tanks, pool-heaters, BBQ’s, cooktops, fireplaces – the list goes on! Versatile and efficient propane for residential use is safe and reliable.

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Commercial propane delivery made to a commercial farm.


Lower your costs of operation and demonstrate your commitment to the environment by switching from petroleum-based fuels to propane.

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Should you switch to propane?

On average people who switch from heating oil to propane save approximately $500 annually. It’s important to remember this is an estimate and the exact savings will fluctuate based on consumption, oil prices, propane prices, and your home or building’s Energy Star level (including factors such as the age, build style, windows, insulation type, etc).

Furthermore, there are some additional risks and costs with oil. The smallest oil leak can require expensive clean-up and as such, insurance rates are generally higher for oil compared to propane. Plus, propane furnaces and other appliances require less maintenance than their oil counterparts.

Environmental facts for propane

Propane is recognized for emitting less greenhouse gas emissions than other fuel types and is one of the most versatile and clean fuels today.

Studies show that propane emits 38% less greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) than oil in furnaces. In addition, propane emits 60% less carbon monoxide than gasoline, 98% less particulates than diesel, and contains effectively no sulfur. (Source: Canadian Propane Association)

Unlike oil, in the unlikely event of a leak, propane becomes a vapour that will not contaminate soil, water, or air. A fact that lies particularly close to the hearts of our farmers.


Automatic Delivery

Sign-up for automatic delivery and never run out again.

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Fixed Pricing

Stabilize your operating costs by locking in your price for propane for the season.

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Free Inspection

When you switch to Embrun Co-op propane, we’ll cover the cost of the propane inspection!

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As a member of Embrun Co-op, you’ll earn patronage on every dollar you spend including propane!

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