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As one of the oldest divisions of Co-op Embrun, investments in the Feed Division have never ceased. Most recently, 2018 saw an expansion to the bagged feed warehouse enabling us to provide our clients with a greater variety of bagged feed.

This Co-op Embrun division has a team experienced in the production of animal feed and has come to know its clientele very well over the years. Our client lists boast some of the best milk producers and breeders in the region.

The delivery of bagged and bulk feed and products are ensured by our team of dedicated drivers and our fleet of well-maintained vehicles.


Our Co-op Embrun feed mill and warehouse provide a complete array of bulk and bagged conventional and organic feed for many types of animals including:


As well as the following products to provide you with a complete one-stop solution for all your animal nutrition needs:

  • Grains and protein by-products
  • Replacement milk
  • Complete feed
  • Supplements
  • Minerals
  • Salt licks
  • Food additives
  • Bedding
  • Chopped straw

Co-op Embrun employee working in the feed warehouse.


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Organic feed

Organic Feed

In August 2019, Embrun Co-op began selling a selection of organic feed products. These products will adhere to the certification requirements set out by ECOCERT Canada while also meeting our own high-quality standards.
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Brooks Performance Horse Feed

Whether you’re feeding a competitive athlete, a pleasure horse, or a broodmare with a new foal the need for proper nutrition is paramount and Brooks Performance Horse Feed is here to help.
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Our Co-op Embrun Feed Division has also partnered with the AGTREK Division to provide industry professional insights into nutrition for your dairy cattle.
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In partnering with your community feed store, Embrun Co-op aims to provide all of Eastern Ontario with quality feed.