Brooks Performance Horse Feed has long been committed to providing high quality horse feed for owners in Ontario, and recently Quebec.


Whether you’re feeding a competitive athlete, a pleasure horse, or a broodmare with a new foal the need for proper nutrition is paramount and Brooks Performance Horse Feed is here to help. A Brooks Feeding Program incorporates the best ingredients, balanced formulas, and will meet your horses’ specific requirements.

Embrun Co-op is very proud to support local companies like Brooks who demonstrate a dedication to providing our clients with high-quality, leading edge feed.

You can place your order through Embrun Co-op or, our Brooks Feed representative Renée (, or through any of our distribution locations across Eastern Ontario.


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Please note that these products lists may be revised and updated at any time and do not reflet the quantities in stock. For pricing please contact us at 613-443-2946 or by email at

Product QTY Availability Mash(M), Pellets(P), Texturized(T), Whole(W)
KER Phase II Pellet 25KG P
KER Phase II Texturized 25KG T
KER Phase III Pellet 25KG P
KER Phase IV Pellet 25KG P
KER Phase V Pellet 25KG P
KER Phase V Texturized  25KG T
Senior Horse 20KG T
All Phase 20 25KG P
Flax Appeal Texturized 25KG T
Equi-Jewel Texturized  18KG T
Pacemaker X Extruded 20KG P
Leading Edge Texturized  25KG T
Unti / EEZE  25KG T
EEZE Pro Plus 25KG T
12% Sweet  25KG T
14% Sweet 25KG T
Enhancer Vitamin Mineral Supplement  25KG P
Fiber O Plus 25KG T
Power Play Horse Feed  25KG T
Fiber-Lite Large Pellet 25KG P
Complete Fit & Fiber Pellet 25KG P
Complete Fit & Fiber Texturized  25KG T
Neigh-Lox 3.5lbs / 25lbs n/a
Contribute Jug 3.8L n/a
Neigh-Lox Advance 20lbs n/a
Micro-Phase Vitamin/Mineral 30lbs n/a
Summer Games Pail 5lbs / 40 lbs n/a
Elevate (Green) 2lbs n/a
Elevate SE  2lbs n/a
Elevate W.S. (Liquid) 8oz n/a
Joint Armour (525g) 1.16lbs n/a
KER A Form 3lbs / 25lbs n/a
Myo-Guard 2lbs / 20 lbs n/a
Omega EO3 Supplement 3.7L n/a
Probiotic Plus 3lbs n/a
Duraplex 4KG n/a
Equishure 1.25KG / 7.2KG n/a
Metaboleeze 3lbs / 25lbs n/a


Embrun Co-op’s Feed Division has a distribution network that expands across Eastern Ontario. Our products are available at our feed mill in Embrun, Ontario, or through any of our distribution locations listed below.

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