Organic Feed

You asked, we listened.

For the past several years the demand for organic animal feed options have continued to rise at an impressive rate among hobby farmers and large-scale agricultural enterprises alike. We’ve listened.

In August 2019, Embrun Co-op began selling a selection of organic feed products. These products will adhere to the certification requirements set out by ECOCERT Canada while also meeting our own high-quality standards.


Launched in 2019, our range of organic feed products continues to grow. For the most recent information on ALL of our organic feed, please call our office or use the contact form.

In addition, as a functional feed mill, we are able to manufacture certain tailor-made mixes.

A short list of our available products is below.

  • Dairy Cattle

  • Pig

  • Poultry

  • Other

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Please note that these products lists may be revised and updated at any time and do not reflet the quantities in stock. For pricing please contact us at 613-443-2946 or by email at

Type Product QTY Available Mash(M), Pellets(P), Texturized(T), Whole(R)
Poultry Organic Chick Starter 25KG P
Poultry Organic Chick Grower 25KG P/M
Poultry Organic Layer 25KG P/M
Swine Organic Pig Grower 25KG P/M
Cattle Organic Calf Starter 25KG P
Cattle Organic Dairy Feed Silver 25KG P
Cattle Organic Soybean Meal 25KG P
Grain Organic Corn meal
Grain Organic Whole Peas

organic feed Distribution locations:

Embrun Co-op’s Feed Division has a distribution network that expands across Eastern Ontario. Our products are available at our feed mill in Embrun, Ontario, or through any of our distribution locations listed below.
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