Our Organization

OUR Organization

Our organization - Embrun Co-op - is a co-operative located in the heart of Eastern Ontario which serves its clients in both official languages. It offers products and services through its eight divisions. It is owned by its members who have chosen to join in order to share in the benefits of co-operation.


Though we operate seven different divisions, synergy is a concept we take very seriously. Our team members are encouraged to seek and share skills and knowledge among each other. This synergy helps to ensure continued growth and sustainability across the whole of Embrun Co-op.


When the new branding was designed, it was important to us that the image supported the past, present, and future of our organization - Embrun Co-op.

The shape of the logo is a shield symbolizing strength and co-operation. The top of the shield represents the roof under which it is possible to come together, as a family does, for important events.

In the center of the shield is an image of a cob of corn and/or a stem of barley representing the heart of the Co-op. It also acts as a hyphen for the English version of the word « Co-op » thus representing the bilingualism of our region.

The silhouettes represent those who are most important to Embrun Co-op: its members, customers, employees, and partners while the leaves represent agriculture, an important part of the Embrun Co-op.

In short, our new logo was designed to evoke the strength of co-operation as well as its rich history and the importance of its members, customers, employees, and partners for Embrun Co-op.

The colours selected play a significant role in supporting the meaning as a whole. The blue is symbol of truth, like crystal clear water that hides nothing. This colour is generally pleasing to all generations and it brings to mind the loyalty of its members and employees.

The yellow, a colour of openness and social contact, is often associated with friendship and fraternity as well as knowledge. It brings to mind the importance of Embrun Co-op for the community.

Our History

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Community involvement

Our members value the support that Embrun Co-op provides within the community and the agricultural industry. One only has to look as far as our vision, mission, and values to understand the importance that the community holds for Embrun Co-op.

Embrun Co-op favours the involvement of its team members in the community. Many participate in associations and in community meetings. Others are part of the Volunteer Firefighters Association and the Community Watch program, while some participate in sports teams or other clubs.

Our directors are involved in local and regional organizations either as directors or as active members. Embrun Co-op is represented at the Knights of Columbus, the Optimist Club, the Volunteer Firefighters Association, Club Richelieu, the Prescott-Russell Chamber of Commerce, the Ontario Feed and Seed Dealers Association, as well as the Fertilizer Institute of Ontario.

Embrun Co-op has played, is playing, and will always play a major role in the community.

Vision, mission and values


Our Co-op, the community’s top sustainable choice.


Innovate to proudly keep offering the best.


Sustainability, social responsibility, transparency, creativity.