Innovation & Development

Innovation and development are subjects that reside at the core of Embrun Co-op’s mission. “Innovate to proudly keep offering the best.”

The intent behind our commitment to innovation and development is to improve our actions in current business areas, create new opportunities, and aid in the sustainable development of our various industries and the community.

We do so by keeping abreast of industry trends and new technological advancements.

In recent years our move towards innovation and development has led to the realisation of several projects. These projects, products, and services are highlighted below.

du jour

Du Jour is a hydroponic vertical farm which grows lettuces and herbs to be sold in the Independent. This system saves natural resources, eliminates the impacts of transportation, and provides locally grown produce year-round.

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organic feed

internal development

<p>The organic food market is quickly growing and the demand for organic products for livestock has grown at a similar rate. To ensure that the producers in our area had access to quality organic feed, the Embrun Co-op&rsquo;s Feed Division launched a line of organic products in 2019.</p>

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precision agriculture

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Keeping abreast of technology, the Embrun Co-op Crops Division launched services in precision agriculture in 2021, offering geotechnical soil sampling. This process provides the producer with an accurate map of soil nutrients. Their crop advisor can then design for them a precise crop input plan to ensure a healthy crop and little to no waste.

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