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Rogator being loaded by the fertilizer tower outside of the crops office.
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Custom application rogator sprayer in a field of corn with its boom half extended.

We specialize in professional application methods and invest in the best tools to do the job. Our expert staff go a long way to ensuring that your fields are treated correctly whatever product is used. We offer custom spraying including herbicide, fungicide, and insecticide application as well as fertilizer application services.

Since a large portion of crops grown in our area is corn, we’ve invested in a sprayer for in-crop high clearance custom application.

We also have 1 high-clearance Rogator, 1 floater truck and 2 sprayers.

Delivery to the farm is made easy with: A full fleet of tandem trucks, tractor trailers, dump trailers, and tender trailers.


Four cobs of corn being measured and the kernels being counted for yield estimates in the fall.

Using digital agronomy platforms such as Climate FieldView or others, the crops team can create a plan for each field and we can monitor and analyze the data throughout the growing season with yield data. Further to this, we can create variable rate maps for fertilizer or seed. This information will be used year over year to help us continue to build you the best crops and input programs.


  • Yield monitoring
  • Field application data handling and analysis
  • GPS/grid soil sampling
  • Standard Soil sampling
  • On-site nitrogen soil analysis
  • Variable rate map creation

In order to give you the best recommendation, your Crops Representative may recommend standard or GPS/grid soil sampling, and/or on-farm nitrogen soil analysis.

Precision Agriculture

Kubota Side-by-side taking geo-referenced soil samples in a field next to the grain elevators.

“Precision Ag” is a term that’s being thrown around in the industry, but for us at Embrun Co-op its more than just a word. It’s our way forward.

We believe that investing in the equipment, technology, and training in precision ag methods for our staff is the best thing we can do for our producers and their farm businesses.

Launching our efforts in precision ag is Geo-referenced Soil Sampling. Using a GPS linked grid, soil samples are taken throughout the selected fields. Each sample is associated with GPS coordinates and once processed at the lab, the results are presented on a series of maps. 

Each map displays the results for a different nutrient found in the soil and shows the varying levels as demonstrated in the image below.

This information provides your Crop Advisor with the most accurate knowledge with which to make suggestions and provides a map for the precise application of crop inputs.


A young women walking a wheat field with a notebook in hand.

We provide custom crop plans designed by our professional expert Crops Representative. We offer full season programs, seed and inputs plans, soil health management, and/or application plans. We’re not just here to sell; we want to help make your job as grower easier. We do this by helping with budgeting and by running cost/benefits analysis.

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