Propane fixed price program

Take the guess work out of your propane cost with Embrun Co-op.

Fixed price program for propane

The Propane Fixed Pricing program allows Embrun Co-op propane clients to lock in their propane price for the season. Using your quantity usage and the current market price, our propane specialists will work with you to lock in your price.

Once we've locked in your propane price it wont go up for the next 6 months. If during that time the price of propane drops, you'll get the lower price! 

With the Propane Fixed Price program, you'll be able to estimate your propane cost for the next 6 months with confidence since you'll know what you're fixed price is.

Take the guess work out of your propane cost.

Propane home delivery.

propane for your home

Furnaces, hot water tanks, pool-heaters, BBQ’s, cooktops, fireplaces – the list goes on! Versatile and efficient propane for residential use is safe and reliable.

More About Home Propane
Commercial propane delivery made to the farm.


Lower your costs of operation and demonstrate your commitment to the environment by switching from petroleum-based fuels to propane.

Propane for your business
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