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Switch to Embrun Co-op Propane for your home and enjoy the benefits associated with a clean burning, versatile, and cost-efficient source of heat.

Propane for your home

Did you know? Compared to other petroleum-based fuels, Propane emits less than half the greenhouse gas emissions while producing the same amount of energy. That’s just one benefit of heating with propane.

Propane is clean-burning, non-toxic, and it has a variety of uses. From furnaces and fireplaces to pool heaters and BBQs – propane is suitable for all your energy needs. Propane fuelled hot water tanks are twice as efficient as electric models and will help keep your heating costs low.

The Canadian Propane Association's mission is to advocate the benefits and best practices for the propane industry. 

Propane home delivery.
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Illustration showing the Equal Payments Program with a line showing evenly distributed payment across 10 months.

Equal Payments Program

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Take the guesswork out of your heating bills and join our Equal Billing Program now. Start enjoying predictable monthly payments for your propane or oil heating needs. Sign up today and take control of your heating expenses. Stay warm without breaking the bank.

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Automatic Delivery

Sign-up for automatic delivery and never run out again.

We’ll add you to a regular schedule of delivery and top you off automatically. If it’s a particularly cold time of the year, we’ll take that into account too.

We’re bringing peace-of-mind to propane delivery with our automatic propane delivery service.

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Fixed Pricing

Stabilize your operating costs by locking in your price for propane for the season.

This program is designed to benefit you by letting you lock in your propane price for the season.

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Free Inspection

When you switch to Embrun Co-op propane, we’ll cover the cost of the propane inspection!

That’s a $250 value!


Members earn patronage

Already a member of the Embrun Co-op? You’ll earn even more patronage on your propane purchases throughout the year.

Not a member yet? Learn what it means to be a member and start taking advantage of all the benefits.

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